Creating A Simple Contact Form With Raven

I have been using Raven forms in some interesting ways recently; currently I am working on a site which allows users to submit entries for a competition and these form submissions can then be scored by judges who need to login. That's going to be a write up for the future, but I also use Raven for all my contact forms. In the support forums we seem to get quite a lot of questions regarding setting up a Raven form with error handling etc.

First up I would say there is some excellent documentation on using Raven on the Statamic site and Jack has put together a brilliant video which explains a lot of the basics, its worth the time reading and watching those first.

To get you up and running quickly I have now added everything that you need to the Statarkers theme, you will of course have to buy and install Raven first, but once it's installed just install the Statarkers theme, set your email address in the contact.yaml formset and your good to go. For those of you who are not wanting to use Statarkers I have created just the files you need (with instructions) to create a simple contact form with validation and error handling.

If you have any questions then please let me know.