Joining The Statamic Team

I have been using Statamic now, for about a year, and it's no secret that I love using it. I find it gives the perfect balance of flexibility as a developer whilst offering clients a simple admin area that makes updating their site a joy for both us. I have a lot of respect for the team behind the platform and they have always done their best to answer support tickets and help whenever I have a questions which, for a couple of guys bootstrapping a product, can't be easy to do when there are probably quite a few other people alongside me who require the same level of support on a regular basis.

I started blogging about what I had learned using Statamic in December last year and I found that the more I did the more I had to write about so that led me to set up a blog dedicated to Statamic theme development where I have been focusing most of my writing on all things Statamic. At about the same time I had also found that although the Statamic team were really active on twitter and there was the support forum for bugs, there didn't seem to be anywhere that you could chat with other members of the community in more than 140 characters.

The G+ Statamic Community

I set this up to help scratch the itch I was having and to hopefully help bring the ever growing community together. Personally I really like what Google has done with its community feature and so the Statamic G+ Community was born. Over time it has grown from strength to strength and there are some really great guys and girls in there who regularly post what they are doing with Statamic and help each other out. I love being involved and would encourage anyone who is either using Statamic or looking to use it to pay the community a visit, we are always here to help.

Joining The Statamic Team

After having a couple of discussions with Jack and the team about their thoughts on the G+ community Jack came up with the idea of bringing me on board to help carry on what I have been doing but in a more official way, and I jumped at the chance. Hopefully I can help answer some of the more "how to questions" via the G+ community and support forum whilst extended the Statamic team a bit further (well quite a bit further as I'm in the UK). I am honored to be given this opportunity and really look forward to working with "Gentlemen" to continue to grow what is already an amazing product, and trust me what you have seen to date is only just the start, there are plenty of new and exciting updates planned for the future.

If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to see implemented feel free to grab me on twitter and I will be happy to help.