New Adventures 2012

This year I was lucky enough to go to my first conference - New Adventures in Web Design. Two speakers stood out for me on the day:

Dan Mall kicked the day off by getting everyone on their feet and introducing themselves to the person next to them, what a nice way to start the day I thought!

Dan spoke about his experience working on the StarWars redesign and explained how they had looked to use relationships to build a user experience which guided visitors to the site through the different StarWars characters and the roles they played in the film.

Dan and the team used similar techniques when they worked with Crayola, he explained that you can do as much developing with clever algorithms as you like but nothing beats the human element of pairing favorite items into relationship patterns.

Robbie's speech inspired me in a totally different way to Dan's. Robbie spoke about how he had had no formal art school training yet he is now the UI designer at Freeagent the fantastic accounting software company (which I happen to use).

Robbie also spoke about the need to move away from the computer and tools that we use everyday which can preoccupy our lives, and get back to pen and paper using the 6 up sketching method to produce ideas.

The final point I took from Robbie's talk is around the need to fail to succeed, we can produce our best work from what we may have considered to be a failure, failure helps us become better at what we do and is part of the natural design process.

Last of all become mindful.